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Updated: May 23, 2024
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Hello, I am Shanna. I am a National Disaster First Responder. I help others during devastating events including but not limited to hurricanes, including Katrina, fires, floods, tornadoes and recently covid.
When I am not deployed to a disaster I independently as a sole individual spend my time going into the worst cities in America, walking alone into the worst neighborhoods, especially those even law enforcement treads carefully through. I often am asked if I have any fear walking in gang infested neighborhoods, walking through the bad side of town riddled with violence and death. My answer is the only fear I have would be of not finding those people that others fear. For those are the ones I have come to help.
👼I love going directly to homeless camps and giving food, clothes, and listening to how people got there and what they would like to do to make change.
👼 I am grateful when gang members want to negotiate to make a better life and reach out to me.
👼 I am humbled when victims of sex trafficking get the courage to reach out, speak up, and escape their hell as I listen to their story during rescue.
👼 I am compassionate to those who suffered an abusive or narcissistic relationship with anyone, family member, spouse, significant other, boss, co-worker there is a way out and it is not suicide as I help them.
👼 I get so excited helping those that reach out for help to change the direction in their life.
To the "average" individuals that have great dreams, I believe in you. Follow that dream. Make that greatness. I am here for you if you need that support, resource or connection.
👼I am inspired working with environmentalists who take action to make change for a healthier future.
I work with Government and individuals.
Life Goal ~ Expand Acts Of Kindness! With great gratitude I am a humanitarian with a life long passion of serving mankind. Everybody is somebody and somebody has a story to tell. I am here for all who are searching to find and fulfill their purpose in life.
I am devoted to serving mankind by being the Peoples Ambassador To The Angeles. I confidently stand tall with strength and compassion as a humble guide assisting those seeking quality of life improvements. I connect those rising souls with ANGELS to address their particular needs in the areas of financial, product, service, spiritual and volunteer angels. I help people rise to find and fulfill their purpose in life.
I am Shanna, the peoples Ambassador to the Angels.

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