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I am an ordinary man who experienced family conflicts, relationship issues, corporate bullying and racial discrimination, thrived and conquered life’s circumstances.

Two decades ago, at the peak of my successful business career, I felt a calling to seek the answer to eternal happiness; I ventured into the mystical Himalayas and dived into the ancient wisdom of Vedas & Upanishads, searching far and wide, exploring every possibility of finding the source to that eternal happiness. This exploration and discovery has created more happiness in all walks of my personal and professional life.

Due to my contagious laughter, sense of humour, and playfulness, my friends call me 'happiness guru'. I have developed "Atmata", a non-religious, contemporary workshop/retreat for the modern man that blends ancient yogic wisdom with life science to achieve holistic wellness.

As "HAPPINESS GURU” I am not offering you happiness. I can help you find it within yourselves.

COME, unfold your own myth.

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