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Gemi Hartojo pronounced: Guhh-Mee Harr-toy-yoo

🧕🏻🙋‍♀️ I am a Co-Active Trained (and on the way to become certified) coach. I am a business and life coach. I believe the two can’t be separated. I’ve been coaching those who are in transition into entrepreneurship and those steeped in entrepreneurship. Check 👉👉

🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ I am on a mission to empower those wishing to build work/business into a life they desire.


I am the queen of:

🤲🏻The Barakah Business Club🤲🏻

🏡 25+ years of marketing and business experience. Working around the globe with the likes of Ogilvy&Mather, AOL (early), American Greetings, Mobile Oil, USA Today and Rise Against Hunger to working with Start-Ups in the Seafood industry, online marketing, Leadgeneration, affiliate marketing and sales enablement.

Gemi progressively used technology as part of her marketing strategy, placing her in data-driven marketing positions and positioning her to coach and lead CEOs and their leaders to align the goals with revenue-generating strategy.

She will make you feel you can conquer the world and have the tools to do so.

She is a mom of two incredible boys, who cooks like a chef, and loves hosting tea parties ♥️😘🤗🤲🏻

Want to get out of your own way? DM me. Let’s talk.

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