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Based on club conversations I am posting a list of books about finance/investing (in alphabetical order):
A Demon of Our Own Design by Richard Bookstabber
Against the Gods by Bernstein
Animal Spirits by Akerlof and Shiller
Barbarians at the Gate by Burrough
Beating the Street by Lynch
Boomerang | Liar’s Poker | Big Short all by Lewis
Buffett Style by Hagstrom and other books about him
Common Sense by Greenblatt
Common Sense on Mutual Fund (and other books) by Bogle
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Fisher
Contrarian Investment Strategies by Dreman
Determining Value by Barker
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by C. Mackay
Four pillars of Investing by W. Bernstein
Inside the Investor’s Brain by Peterson
Intelligent Investor by Graham
Investing against the tide by Bolton
Investing the Templeton Way by Templeton
Learn to Earn by Lynch
Lords of Finance by Ahamed
Manias, Panics, and Crashes: A History of Financial Crises by Kindleberger
Margin of Safety by Klarman
Market Wizards by Schwager
Mastering the Market Cycle by Marks
Money Game by Smith
Narrative and Numbers (and many other valuation books) by Damodaran
Nudge Economics by Thaler
One up on Wall Street by Lynch
Paths to Wealth Through Common Stocks by Fisher
Poor Charlies’ Almanack by Munger
Principles by Dalio
Random Walk down the Wall Street by Malkiel
Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Kiyosaki
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Lefèvre
Secrets of Millionaire Mind by Eker
Security Analysis by Graham and Dodd
Stealing the Market by Mayer
Stock for the Long run by Siegel
Supermoney by Smith
The Art of Speculation by Carret
The Ascent of Money by Ferguson
The Education of value investor by Spier
The Great Crash by Galbraith
The Great Investors by Arnold
The Investment Answer by Goldie
The Man who Solved the Market by Zuckerman
The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley
The most important thing illuminated by Marks
The myth of the rational market by Fox
The only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need by Tobias
The Psychology of Money by Housel
The richest man in Babylon by G. Clason
The Stock Market Barometer by Hamilton
The Total Money Makover by Ramsey
Theory of Investment Value by Williams
Think Fast, Think Slow by Kahneman
This time is different by Reinhart and Rogoff
Too big to fail by Sorkin
Value Investing by Greenwald
When Genius Failed by Lowenstein
Winning the Loser’s Game by Ellis

Invited by: Vüqar Salamlı

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