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Updated: Mar 6, 2023
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🌱(she/her)📍Occupied Lenape land (NYC) Vegan • Founder • Educator • Artist • Activist • Executive Director • Policy Advisor •
Keynote Speaker
💃🏾 Catch me dancing, always🕺🏻

🐣 Aspiring to be harmless to animals, harmless to humans, harmless to self, harmless to Earth.

✊🏾Liberation for all Beings, food justice, climate justice. AfroIndigenous (Arawak) pride ✊🏾 Anti-colonial / Decolonial framework.

🐰Instagram (personal): @elogata

🚨TAKE ACTION! Ask your senators + representatives to co-sponsor H.R. 4108 - The Healthy Future Students & Earth Act.🚨

🏅Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy 2022 awardee

🏅VWS x I. Foods Women Building the Future 2021 honoree

🏅NYC Food Policy Center 40 under 40 Rising Stars in Food Policy 2021 recipient

🏅 Coalition for Healthy School Food 2021 honoree

🏅 Mercy for Animals- The People’s Fund grantee '20-21

🌟Check out VEGAN ACTIVIST ALLIANCE (VAA) on Clubhouse🌟
🌟Text VAA to 55678 to become an activist🌟

“There is nothing unusual about feeling the suffering (or glory) of another life. This is how we are designed, to live in intimate relationship with all life around us. This doesn’t mean we are naturally kind or caring or attentive to that life. It only means that we are designed to be intimate with other life forms. To be attuned to them. To feel them, their joy and suffering, their presence and absence. This is why we have to learn ways to hold this information, to be in right relationship to the life around us.”
🦋 In March 2020 started pandemic relief efforts that continue to provide food relief to families, individuals & students across NYC’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

🦋 In February 2021 Co-founded the FIRST community plant-based/vegan fridge in all of NY. Food that grows from the ground is a natural right! We rescue food!

🦋 Founder & ED: @VeganActivistAlliance (we are on Clubhouse!). Anti-speciesist organization working to end the exploitation of beyond-human persons. Collective & total liberation guided. Systems change focused.

🦋 ED: @ChilisOnWheels New York
Making veganism accessible to communities in need through meal shares, food relief, mentorships & workshops . We also host a FREE STORE with animal free clothing and personal care items for our unsheltered community and anyone in need.

🦋NEW Host @TheLiveganPodcast
🦋Board Member
🦋Advisory Council:
@ Agriculture Fairness Alliance
@ Center for Science in the Public Interest

Invited by: MeccaGodZilla

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