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Dad, mentor, connector, fellow adventurer.

CEO EDGEof Education, Tokyo based, Culture hacker,futurist, child led K12 innovator, sim & visualization, economic evolution,pirate captain, always realizing how much there is to learn.

Edgedriven, EDGEOf, Prosperity Exchange, AccelerateNext, Pogo/TEN, XMobb, Posit Science, Ignition Angels

early online and game innovator, info geek: neuroscience. UC Berkeley, Columbia, Keio KMD. Senior developer SimCity ... games, founded first internet game platform TEN/Pogo,we started first esports league PGL, board first public internet company, first free internet email, Mistletoe fellow, RSA Fellow, Van Jones award recipient for service (with Qeyno),multiple patents in VR and neuroscience....


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