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Recently featured as “The Alien Brain” on Ancient Aliens, on The History Channel. Season 14 Episode 16.

Alien Enhanced Humans 🏕

They learned about my abilities to cause near instant pain relief in nervous systems in people I apply this energy we can create in our brains.

This has been a major part of my life that my grandmother who practiced an Ani-Kituhwagi / Cherokee form of energy healing, that she cultivated in me before I could talk and guided my life into adulthood.

In 1994, I was introduced to W.C. Levengood, biophysics who became aware of me when I demonstrated my abilities to him after two phone calls. He then started a laboratory study and published papers in the ISSSEEM Journals, on the study of electrical energy that I am producing in my body. The first paper is called “Evidence for Charged Density Pulses Associated with Bioelectric Fields in Living Organisms”in 1997. After 5 more years of studies Levengood and Dr John Gedye published a second paper Called “Mechanisms Related To Charge Density Pulse Formation in Living Systems”. They studied me for 14 years.

In 2008, The Society for Scientific Exploration introduced me toThe Rhine Research Center. There I spent a lot of time in the Bio Energy / Bio Photon lab with Dr. Bill Joines who also taught in the electrical engineering and computer sciences department at Duke University and John Kruth, the Director of The Rhine getting an understanding of the light particles that established energy healers emit. My levels have been the highest of all tested 13 years worth of studies.

After 10 years with the Rhine they wanted to know what my brain is doing to cause the controlled bio photon pulses I can turn on and off by command. They got in touch with the best neurosciences / medical electrical engineering scientists they could in 2015.

This was at the University of Virginia, Division of Perceptual Studies, by Dr. Ross Dunseath. He is also director of research in association for joint studies in the Copper Wall Array Lab at The Monroe Institute.

In March of 2019 I met and joined forces with Lihi T Introp and we are currently under combined research for our advanced form of energy medicine to produce measurable bio-electrical field of energy that activates the healing mechanisms in those we work with while under EEG live monitoring.

{c}Bio-Intrinsic Resonant Energy (B.I.R.E.)


Invited by: Maxi Cohen

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