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♻️Assistant Professor of Sustainability, Circular Economy and ESG(循環經濟、碳中和、企業環境-社會-治理「ESG」)
👨‍🎓Awarded as the top 2% of the world's most highly cited scientists (2021, Elsevier BV, Stanford University)

🐯🧧🧨🍀囲碁、サッカー⚽️が大好き💕(super Go chess and Soccer fan💓)

Come on Argentina 🇦🇷World Cup 2022⚽️

👨‍🎓My other research focuses:
-Sustainable Urban Planning,Smart city and Infrastructure Management(日本內閣府地方創生、環境未来都市、SDG都市、福島復興計画参加した;中國生態城市、低碳城市、智慧城市試點地方規劃)
-Mitigation and Adaptation strategy for climate change (氣候變化減排與適應性策略)
-Expert at eco-industrial park, UNIDO and World Bank(生態工業園區)
-Scholar for promoting UN SDGs🇺🇳(聯合國17項可持續發展目標)
-Social & Environmental justice (社會正義&環境倫理)
-Life cycle assessment modeler(全生命週期評價模型)
-Supply chain management and carbon footprint for products (綠色供應鏈&產品碳足跡)
-Deep decarbonized technologies synergism and assessment(低炭素技術系統集成と評価)
-Tsinghua (B.S)&Nagoya (PhD) Alumni

Current work:
* Carbon neutrality policies and pathway in China, Korea, Japan and Asia-Pacific.

* Deep decarbonized technologies system design, evaluation, and policies & business model.

* Methodologies and economic analysis on ESG.

* UNOPS and UN Women
Guides on integrating gender into infrastructure development in the Asia and the Pacific

*UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Goal 5: Gender equity
Goal 11: sustainable and inclusive city & community

*Social and environmental justice-社会与环境正义
Understand equity and equality-公平(正义)与平等
1. Aristotle-Principle of Deserts, 《Nicomachean Ethics》(《尼各马可伦理学》)
2. Bertrand Russell, Karl Marx-Principle of needs and equity (按需分配),《The proposed road to freedom》(《自由之路》)& 《Kritik des Gothaer Programms》(《哥达纲领批判》)
3. John Rawls-Principle of difference, A Theory of Justice-《正义论》

Invited by: Carol Song

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