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👷🏾⛏Premier International Gold Miner (Direct Minerals Extractor) not data mining, but actual mining of minerals

🎥🏅Inspired the Discovery Channel Hit Show Gold Rush (previously Gold Rush Alaska, Gold Rush Africa, submitted as The Gold Miner)

🧬💱Creator of the First Universal Global Currency the YGB/Hybrid Currency (a Physical Asset (Gold) affixed to Technological Asset; directly from actual minerals extractors (miners).

💎🚜Extraction Focus: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds, Other Precious Minerals, and Rare Earths Elements

⛏ 👷🏾Recognized as the world’s Only Black American International Gold Miner (LA HR Bill-Res 87)

👑🤴🏾Bestowed Paramount Chief of Gbarpolu County, Republic of Liberia

📚📚Multi-Published Author (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple...)
* 📕Virus Wars: Cure Vs. Culture (currently under rewrite | preferred by military personnel going to/stationed in Africa)
* 📘Faith The First Book of The Book Of Raymond (10 books series)
* 📙Gold Miner: The Jungle, The Desert, The Amazon (giant coffee table book with 800 full-color photos mining gold in the jungle)
* 📗22 Million Children: A Jungle Miner’s Journal (the truth about children of the jungle)
* 📒Gold Miner’s: Thoughts & Poems (funny as hell, will make you cry, will make you think);
* 📔Co-Authored: Crawlies, Stingies, Flyies, Biteies, and Things (a children’s series)

🎓👨🏾‍🎓Education: Doctorate in International Business Administration (UNESCO) | Master’s in Management | Bachelor of Psychology (Sociology).

🌎🌍Key Operating Locations: South America | West Africa | East Africa | Central America | North America | Parts of the Island’s

🥾🇺🇸Original from Louisiana, USA | Residing in South America | Africa

🏵🏆LATEST HONORS | Resolution 87: State of Louisiana House Of Representatives Honors With 2016 House Resolution No. 87: International Gold Miner | The United States Of America’s Only International Black American Gold Miner

☄️⚡️For roughly 7,000 years, the general public had NO direct contact with actual miners. The gold and precious minerals (metals and stones/gems) industry was dominated by middlemen of brokers, refineries, mints, coin dealers, resellers, recyclers, jewelers, smelters, liaisons, intermediaries, and other types of go-betweens. Now the miners are here...No middlemen, guaranteed.

"...we know we can't be treated like everyone else because we are not like everyone else..."
Dr. RY to the UN, 2011

Follow Us On Telegram: https://t.me/YGBHybridCurrency

Invited by: Adriona London

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