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Scientist. 64 years young. Obsessed with the Biochemistry of Health, Vitality and Nutrition. 🖥 Expert featured on PBS Special "Life 201"

When you see someone that Lives life
💥DECADES YOUNGER💥 than their age...
…do you wonder “HOW ARE THEY DOING THIS??”

I help entrepreneurs and high performance individuals (40+) maximize their Healthspan, Energy and Appearance.

My unique ability is TRANSLATING state-of-the-art science into simple, powerful strategies. I teach people how to transform their health and vitality, by optimizing THEIR unique biochemistry.

My “Bionic Vitality” program provides a research-based blueprint for people who REFUSE to age normally — and refuse to give up their vitality, their youthful appearance, and all the fun activities they love💥!

✳️Open to Moderating in Your Biohacking and Wellness rooms😎

Brief Bio

🎓 Ph.D. in Chemistry, Duke University (1985, Honored with the J.T. Adams Chemistry Fellowship)
🎤 Keynote speaker at Formula III, chaired by 1991 Nobel Prize Winner (La Grande Motte, France🇫🇷)
🎤 R&D Keynote speaker at HBA (Javits Center, New York🇺🇸)
🎤 Invited speaker at International Broad Spectrum Meeting (London🇬🇧)
🎤 Invited speaker at Global IFSCC Sunscreen Workshop (Sydney🇦🇺)  
🎤 Invited speaker at International UVA Meeting (London🇬🇧)
🎙 Organized and led UVA Satellite Symposium (20th IFSCC Congress, Cannes🇫🇷)
🎙 Expert Speaker at the US FDA🇺🇸

📖 Invited chapter in "Scientific American's Ask The Experts" Book
📖 Invited chapter in the PBS Special "Life 201" Book
🎧 Interviewed by publications including Scientific American and GCI (Cover Story)
✈️ My educational programs have attracted participants from 16 countries
🔸Six US Patents
🔸Multiple International Patents

🔹Founder and CEO, Enginuity PLM (Bootstrapped from Startup to Successful Acquisition by Dassault Systems in 2011)
🔹Founder and President of IMS Inc (Bootstrapped from Startup to Successful Acquisition by FSTI in 2019)
🔹Scientist at Procter & Gamble (1985-1992, Awarded a P&G Competitive Advantage Award)

I would love❤️ to help YOU transform Your health🤓!

Please DM me on Instagram ✅ DrJohnSottery
LinkedIn ✅ Dr John Sottery
Facebook ✅ DrSottery
YouTube Channel ✅ Dr John Sottery

Invited by: Bonnie Forte

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