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Updated: Aug 7, 2022
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Supply Chain/Logistics Software leveraging AI, ML, Digital Ledger/Blockchain for the future.

CEO and co-founder Duteo.
Investor, Sante Fe Farms / Emerging leader in The Hemp Supply Chain
Former NetCHB CIO / Interim COO / Head of Product

I helped build NetCHB, a 15-year old tech company to #1 market-leader in e-commerce customs clearance software within 8 months of launching a new e-commerce focused business unit and within first year on the job.

Worked with dozens of tech founders with disruptive next-gen technology to launch or scale their companies, many with 9-figure exits.

Sometimes guest Moderator of Supply Chain Technology Collective with club founder Brian Aeoeh


Let’s talk about importation and what CBP is saying or doing. Ask about how to use Sec 321 to avoid paying taxes, duties and fees on e-commerce goods shipped DTC valued < $800 and about Customs Clearance Software that does that and saves millions of dollars for clients.

Industrial Hemp and its over 150 applications. Supply Chain and Sustainability: Promising Developments, Challenges & Opportunities

CURIOUS ABOUT: How will Commercial Hemp heal and solve global problems and challenges to Sustainability. If you think you may know or are also curious, let’s talk.

MIAMI DREAMING: I want to help make Miami #1 in Tech Inclusivity. New since October 2020, so looking to plug in and contribute.

IN SERVICE: I’m here to add value in any way I can.

Peloton: DreamSM1TH

FUN: Muay Thai boxing for fun, health & wellness, Asian American community, 80s & 90s old school hip hop

[email protected]

Invited by: Swan Sit

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