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TV host. MD. Superb health communicator. Author. Speaker. TEDx. Relationship builder who optimizes interpersonal/medical/science/media communication for individuals and companies in biotech, pharma, academia, healthcare.

Medical/Science educator, speaker, moderator, writer/author, communication coach, surgeon, President at Odyssey Health Communications, humanist.
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• Highly skilled, experienced and versatile health/science communicator
• Effective Communication Coach. (Have trained 5,000 surgeons in complex problem solving and sophisticated speaking skills using neuroscience-based learning principles.)
• Surgeon
• TV host on a weekly live one hour medical program for four years in a top 10 TV market (Emmy nominated,) with an energetic, entertaining and educational style
• Compelling Writer - Author
• Engaging Public Speaker
• Passionate Educator
• Superb Health Translator, explaining complex medical/scientific concepts in clear, understandable terms
• TEDx speaker (Feb 2021)
• Startup to revolutionize patient education and empowerment
• Devoted father, son, brother, uncle, friend

Speaking venues include:
Dartmouth College
Tuck School of Business
Harvard Medical School
Lahey Clinic
American Red Cross

How we communicate is at the core of our existence. It is the key to create connection, build relationships, encourage collaborations, and achieve actualization. Learn the essentials of how to optimize your communication, as an individual or a team, at the personal and professional levels.

** Education **
• Dartmouth College (graduated in 3 years)
• BU School of Medicine
• Postgraduate surgical training

WHAT TOPICS DO YOU WANT TO HEAR on relationship-building, effective communication and health information? Send me a message via LinkedIn or Instagram. I’ll send you a 60 second Google form and create those rooms.

📍 global perspective, geographically in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Of Greek heritage.

[email protected] Email
DrArgy.com Website
617-702-4680 Google voice
LinkedIn: please feel free to connect with me

Let us do good deeds to improve the world. I WELCOME the opportunity to communicate, connect and collaborate. Please contact me.

$ Venmo Odysseus-ArgyMDOHC. All donations given to charity.

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