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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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RPM(Remote Patient Monitoring)
🚑🩺Registered Nurse💉Board Certified Case Manager, United States 🇺🇸 Licensed with both US Military🎖 and US Civilian Education. Starting my career as an 18y/o combat medic and EMT and working my way through the ranks to become an RN Digital Clinical Biz Dev Entrepreneur

Digital Clinical Program implementation Advisor
LinkedIn 🅿️
✳️ Moderating Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Telehealth and Case Management (CCM,PCM) on ❇️Medstartr Healthcare Innovators
⏩ focused on clinical case managed and digital enhanced engagement for metered and monitored care coordination to foster health management with interventions and link access🔗 for improving outcomes.

Proud member of one of the world’s 🌎 largest organization of Professional Board Certified Case Managers

20 years hands on ✍️ experience 🖥
UM RN, QM RN, Geriatric CM, Pop Health- Informatics RN with real life capturing and analyzing medical claims and PBM data for Quality Improvement and Compliance
Are you and your patients aware that preventative care exams are covered 100% by your health insurance. No deductible no co-pay
See the website 🔽

Certified Master Trainer/Auditor for California’s DHCS with the launch conversion of and State’s contract compliance of MediCaid/MediCal to Managed Care for Molina Healthcare

As a traveling consultant 🛫
Trained call center BPO teams in
🛬Philippines 🇵🇭 🛬Costa Rica 🇨🇷

📊Worked with many of the larger Health Plans and larger and smaller health tech start up’s
⛓Building and launching 🚀 Physician Practice Campaigns for Health Plan Case Management and Quality Improvement and CMS Compliance and STAR 💲Ratings

Developed a turn key 🔑 Biz Model
for Practice Transformation and Revenue Cycle enhancement providing and contracting RPM and CCM programs.

For my life outside of work see my YouTube channel “Ride4Life Fit4life”
🚵🏽 Mtn-biker ⛰ 2-3K feet daily
🚴🏼‍♀️ Gravel biker 1 Century per month
⌚️Fitness Tech geek Polar watch ❤️
Garmin Edge cycle computer 📊
Utilizing and analyzing data daily on myself 💪🏼since wearables began 😎linking data to my PC 🖥 Know your data, stay accountable,stay active and stay fit!

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