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Big Island livin 🐬🏝️🌋🦅Co Founder / Creator of
#HawksApparel 🪶𓅃🇲🇦🇧🇧


ᎮᎡⵙᏌᎠ ᎮᎯᎮᎯ of זהר (Zohar) 🧜🏽‍♀️and רהז (RⴼAzieራ)🦁

Carthedjinnian ᎿᎦᎯᏝᎯᏳᎥ ⵜⵡⴰⵔⴳ🧬💪🏽🧿👳🏾‍♂️🇲🇦👁

ᎦᎾᏌራ ᎡⵟᏰⵟራ🍄🧬🧿🧬🍄🍄

𓁟 currently Ꭱe writing The Ophanim: Yoga Of Abraham Abulafia and the Rhaziel Codex א-ת 𓁡𓁲𓄎

Advocate of : Vipassana (Dharma.org) Know the ledge Media, Blackmagik363, Matrix Unvieled, BaBa Yaa Nun & Wu Sabaat
Baba Kilindi (R. i. Ꮅ🍄🧬⚡️🍄🧿👳🏾‍♂️) , PadmaSambhava , Vaughn Benjamin (RiP), Terrance McKenna , Paul Stammits, Sabian Amazigh History
#AA Rashidart, Red Pill💊 Blue Pill, KT the Arch Degree, Bobby Hemmit, Dr. Phil Valentine, ancient Melanated IndiDJINNous 🧬🍄💥👁PRE (VaticᎾn👎🏾 HIStory) and cultures, 🧖🏿‍♂️🤴🏾👳🏾‍♂️Moorish Kaballistic Sciences, African, Celtic, ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ ᎯਲᎯչᎥᏳⴼ Choktaw ᎿᎦᎯᏝᎯᏳᎥ ЖᏌRDᎥᎦᏱ ⵛⵙⵢਲةlogies

ᎡᏋᏣᎾਲਲغⵍᎠغᎠ 📚📚📚Ꭶ:
(Many are on Audible.com)

*The Shining Ones : An Etymological Essay on the Amazigh Roots of Egyptian Civilization -Helene E. Hagan

*Rock of Ages
*Free Your Mounds and your Mind Will Follow- Ras Ben

*Old World Roots of the Cherokee - Donald Yates

*African Origins of Civilization - Cheikh Anta Diop

*Healing Verses Sacred Sounds
Hymms of the Bhagavad Gita and Rig Veda- Deepak Chopra

•Outside the Circles of Time- Kenneth Grant

•The Tao Te Ching - Stephen Mitchell

*Wonderful Ethiopians of The Ancient Cushite Empire- Drussila Houston

Your Gift Your Passion Your Purpose- Robert Bey

*Sefer Yetzirah- Translation by Aryeh Kaplan

* Ethiopia and The Origin of Civilization - John G. Jackson

* The 72 Names of G-D
* Kaballistic Astrology- Rav Berg

*The Cosmic Serpent and the Origins of DNA-🧬🍄🐍
Jeremy Narby

* Sex Time and Power, How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Humanity - Dr Leonard Shlain

* The Serpent and the Goddess- Mary Condren

*God Sex and Kabbalah- Rabbi Allen S. Maller

*Sepher Rezial Hemalach : The Book of the Angel Rezial - edited and translated by Steve Savedow

* Return of the Serpents of Wisdom - Mark Amaru Pinkham

The Yazidi Holy Books

Dog Star Hip Hop - #AA Rashidart

Edgar Cayce and The Akashik Records - Kevin Todeschi

*Ancient Future - Wayne B. Chandler

* The Moor the Mason and The Alien-A Call to Action - Robert Smith

* Compendium of The Emerald Tablets- Billy Carson

* Bringers of the dawn / Earthbook 1994-Barbara Marciniak youtube

On Youtube :
Blackmagik363 KnowTheLedgeMedia

Great Mystery Philidelphia
Heavens Are Open - Ras Ben

Thoth The Trickster- Origins of Hermeticism - Kurimeo Ahua on Youtube

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