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We are more than the last 500 hundred years of American history. The MAAFA took place, yet it did not replace the rich and extensive history that took place before or throughout it. Slavery, Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration were strategic ploys to dehumanize and cripple a people, a race, a culture, a community, a history. Though these ploys occurred in grand fashion, these ploys have failed. Both on the African Continent, Here in America, and throughout the Diaspora, Africans have persevered and triumphed through every act of malice or mass degradation set against them. We are here today. Alive and well. Growing in power, pride, and excellence as our ancestors planned it. Through their sacrifice they planted seeds, still, we rise today, still, we rise.

Our objective going forward is not to appeal to the moral or righteous faculties of our oppressors, rather appeal to the unconscious and dormant spirit of excellence and virtue that resides in all children of Africa, to unify and contribute their effort to a mass-rebuilding of the African world under African leadership and wisdom. Not in opposition to the European, Asian, or Arab world, rather lead to the pride and knowledge of self that made Africa the intellectual mecca of the ancient world.

Ubuntuvillagenetwork.org [email protected] (202)-301-8626. @rebelubuntu @iamubuntuff @helpbuildavillage


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This is a safe space in which we want to truly build networks and villages in which no Black African individual is alienated or unheard.

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