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Updated: May 18, 2024
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Helping female entrepreneurs unlock their brand potential and take back their day! Building brands that articulate and resonate with your audience. 🖤

📈 Building effective Brand Strategies
🎏 With Brand Identities that connect
🌈 Social Media Content, Stickers* + Filters
🕸️ Web Design + Development
🎯 Gain clarity on who you want to serve
⏰ 24 Hour Branding - COMING SOON!

✨ Approved GIPHY artist

📩 DM me on Instagram saying "BRAND AUDIT" to gain access to the Brand Audit checklist which could you a little TLC within your brand.

You may have a brilliant idea that is keeping you awake at night, or you may have an established brand that needs a little polishing – I can help.

We take your narrative and connect your brand to your customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values and experiences you share with your customers.

Here at Dear Charlie, we prioritise your problems and help you reach your goals. 🎯

How do we do this you may be asking? 🤔💭

Through analysing your brand personality, values, target audience, competitors, positioning and more, we are able to create branding that doesn’t just look pretty, but also strives to better your business. 🤝


🔥 We are proud of the fact that we have built our business on creating a collaborative process that really focuses on your brand’s unique characteristics. With a detailed understanding of your values, your target audience, your positioning, your competitors and so much more, we design for the bigger picture, ensuring that your branding is the best investment you will ever make.


🎙️ Hosting Rooms on:
❇️ How to find your brands WHY?
❇️ Which website platform should I choose: Showit, Wordpress or Squarespace?
❇️ Figuring out your Brand Archetype
❇️ Designers: Price yourself with Purpose!
and so much more...



Invited by: Lauren Gonzalez

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