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Updated: Jun 7, 2024
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FBI-Faith Believing the Impossible

Founder of Daughters of Zelophehad Minstry, We are a fourth watch prayer & prophetic teaching ministry, 3am EST....where God meet us in the garden in the cool of the day.

The hour of sacrifice: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at 3 am EST
is defined as a time spanning from 3-6am
Biblically, strategic events take place particularly between the hours 3-6 AM

Founder of
One Heart For Harvest Ministries Corporation Shelter For The Homeless
We are about building communities....one brick at a time
Founder of House of Prayer for all our children global ministry ClubHouse
$vondres https://www.flowcode.com/page/daughtersofzelophehad

if you desire to support those who are homeless

NOT INTERESTED in trading, Bitcorn, Please respect my wishes

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