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On the aftermath in Afghanistan. It’s on Reddit short link here. Dark humor reflecting reality and history

Fan of Coveys 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Women empowerment that's real:

All humans want BSC. A better social contract!

I am appalled at CH groups where moderators take up 80% of airtime with their friends, literally satisfy own egos than involve participants! I think people should “give way” based on courtesies.

We can resolve all conflicts with respectful communication based on empathy. Let that sink in!

My story? Google the Penalty of Leadership

Who am I? Who are you? Doesn’t matter as long as we’re having fun!

My email [email protected]

Join me in my dream to bring humanity together using positivity & empathy then just talk!

I challenge you and the world to think outside the box! Easier said than done!

Controversy is my second name, for good reason! I am a good human being (surprising how few out there!) who believes in equality of all people and nations, who believes our human spirit should reign supreme

I believe women are our future. I founded a utopian dream that will bring peace and prosperity to this tiny warring hating planet!

I work as a consultant, trainer and motivational speaker

Write, direct and produce short films

Organize global impact events

Dream to control religions and a borderless world by combining all the armies and delivering least common denominator justice to people

Speak at NYC Rotary Clubs

Love music, all genres. Benee, Gus, jazz, you name it, play guitars. not like Mark Knopfler or David Gilmour!

I am investing in an app to rival FB, Insta, CH and more :) including BC :)

Born in Pakistan, love America where my soul and someday my body shall reside, Believe in American ideals like the first amendment, needs to be understood and enforced the world over

People love or hate me, am not easily ignored!

Love beauty, internal and external, outdoors, red wine and beer with friends, no drugs, I believe in spreading hope and positivity.

Do you? Yeah connect WTH :)

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