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Updated: Jan 26, 2023
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-B.S and M.Div in Theology
-PhD of Nuclear Quantum Medicine from Harvard
-CEO of quantum crypto cybersecurity
-Beauty Guru coaching senior citizen twitch streamer
-Founder of Geriatric Gamers United a research foundation working on uncovering the link between Alzheimer’s and Gaming
-Proud Husband of @macadamia1

110k on TikTok: @theunwantedfool
18k on YouTube: Unwanted Commentary

@unwantedcrypto on twitter

Visit aerikim.com NOW!!! 🖤

Special thanks to my biggest fan and favorite boomer Alfred

My favorite cobba Stevo

Favorite fruit is 🫐 but just one special kind.

Azara has a dope ox scent

Charlie doesn’t bite fingers 🇳🇴

Invited by: Vicky Lau

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