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Drop the word Book in my message to get info on a free Advance Reader Copy (APC) of the New “Ignite Forgiveness” Book I wrote a Chapter in.
Or Email Subject Book to [email protected]

“My Best Kept Secret Has become My Signature Speech, This has Allowed my past pain and Trauma become my Voice to help others know there not alone. This will allow others to use there voice to speak up in The “ClubHouse”

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I’m a Inventor
I Dream, Design, Manufacture, Market and Sell my Products threw internet and Brick and Mortar stores.

I’m Becoming the Resource King Of Colorado:

I created a Demo Leveraging tool to allow you to break down a Pallet with less time and effort. This will allow you to use your time to create your next WoodWorking MasterPiece using ReClaimed Wood

I own a Woodworking and Metal Fabrication Shop where I have
I have designed and Built
Drift Trikes
Bmx Sidehacks
Tall Bikes
Dryer Drum Drift Trike
Wheelie Trike
Drift Scooter
Many other Random Bikes
And products to solve customers problems

I have a Full Line of Automotive Safety Products to keep Automotive Dealers and Shop Owners in Compliance with OSHA and The EPA
Brake Lathe Safety Hoods
Oil Filter Drain Racks

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