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⚡️Author of “Radical Brilliance,” and 15 other books⚡️. I support leaders with 🌍 global vision, reach, and resources to be truly innovative and disruptive in their field of expertise.🔥

All financial donations made in April are donated to MAPS.

I help people to discover ideas 🌟 and insights 💡they didn’t even know were there 😳, and to bring them into clear articulation🤗: sometimes through blogs videos, and public speaking.  I also support people to bring books📕📘📗📒 to completion, and I frequently co-author the book with my clients.🌹

I was the founder of “Awakening Coaching.  For 20 years I owned a coaching school which trained more than 2000 coaches, and was accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

L llve in Nevada City, CA as a guest on the land of Nisenan tribe. May wrongs be set right.

⚡️FOUNDER: RADICAL BRILLIANCE CLUB. ⚡️ Weekly interviews and member salons.

Other random thingies:
🇬🇧 Born in London
📜 Masters from Cambridge University
🕉 Lived for 7 years with H.W.L Poonja, and conducted “satsang” at his request
👨 Co-author with John Gray of the book Conscious Men
🎤 Gave a “Talks at Google” twice
🌈Author of “The Translucent Revolution” which was the #1 bestseller on Amazon across all categories, beating out 3 different Harry Potter books!!
👱🏻‍♂️🧓🏻Father to two wonderful autonomous boys, now in their 20s
👫 Husband to Chameli Ardagh, the founder of “Awakening Women.”
⛺️ Favorite vacation is hiking and camping in the wilderness
i🇮🇳 Been to India 25 times
🍄 Psychedelic advocate
♨️Co-author, with Joe Mechlinksi, of the forthcoming book “Who Says: Disruptive Questions about Work, Business and Organizations.”
🧘‍♀️ Been meditating every day since 1971
🕺 Been practicing Chi Kung for 26 years, certified teacher in Mantak Chia’s methods and Chunyi Lin’s Spring Forest
🛠 I have a woodwork shop and I love to build things
🕺💃 Learned Fusion Partner dance with Justin Riley
📕 The pandemic allowed me to finish a 400 page novel, titled “Four Fathers” which is about intergenerational wounding and healing

Lets Connect! ⤵️
➡️➡️ mailto:[email protected]

Invited by: Gino Yu

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