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My latest project:
The NFT Project! A podcast about NFT’s & the future of music.

🎶Music Producer| 📀DJ
🎙Podcaster| 🎤Recording Studio Owner🙆‍♂️Community| 🎪Events| 🎥Creative Projects
🇦🇺 Brisbane, Australia

Join our club: Australian Music Industry 🇦🇺🎶🐨

We are a community of forward thinking Australian Music Industry Artists & Professionals who strive to create a supportive and collaborative community on clubhouse.
Join the FB group -> Australian Music Industry Club

Join my podcast club: A Beer With 🍻

The offical club of my Podcast where we have fun and social rooms as well as live streaming of my podcast. Oh we sometimes drink beer there too 🍺

Silly & Fun Clubhouse Things:
🍋 Judith is my main squeeze 🥰
🖊 Chrissy is my Secretary
👨 Hass is my Dad
👧 Julie is my mum
👩🏻‍🦰 Jennifer is my sister
⚖️ Theo is my lawyer
🇲🇾 Junelle is my asian corespondent
💻 Tim is my tech support
🪄 I am the Wanderer

I am also know on clubhouse as “The Wanderer” 🪄 Would you like to be Wand’d? Magically?

🎙 Podcasting:
A Beer With... is my main podcast where I interview Music Industry Artists & Professionals over beers. It’s long form, casual & unedited. We talk about how they got to where they are & anything they are into. The goal is to get to know the real artist, not just what you see on social media. 80+ episodes and counting 🙌

Find the podcast here:
Follow the club too: A Beer With

Podcasts I run (Available in Video & Audio):
- A Beer With...
- Catch Presents (host only)
- This is not News (Web Mini Series)
- The workshop Live (Educational)
- Behind the Scene (Live at Events)
- All Jai Myself (Coming Soon)

My goal is to share other people’s stories and the knowledge I gain from them.

🎶 Music (Boi King Koi):
DJ Since 2008, Producer since 2012, Studio owner since 2018.
I make House/Tech House, but also help write for others through our Studio called Diffuszed Studios.

Past: Australian Tour Booking Agent (Blah Agency), Assistant Director (Adicts Entertainment), Festival Director (Blah Blah Blah Music Festival), Head Promoter (Family Nightclub).
Never stop learning, sharing & being kind

I hope you’re having a great day or night wherever you are 🙏

You can buy me a beer if you want too:

Invited by: Steven Zakos

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