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Updated: Jan 28, 2023
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🌙Author, lawyer, musician, CH room creator
📖“May you know the difference between what happened and what you dreamed.”
-Juris Doctor, Fordham University School of Law, New York, NY
-B.A., International Relations
The George Washington University,
Elliott School of International Affairs, Washington, DC

-23 years experience as a civil rights attorney fighting discrimination cases
🚂Club Founder: Alien Jazz Cafe Live (5k+); StoryTrain-Listen2Books; Booktok, authors of TiKTok; Sacred Texts; International Discussions. Author/music inquiries: please send email or DM. House Admin: House of Spirituality; Aliens & ET Life 🤣

🖋Author. 📙A Journal of Cosmic Memories: The Dimension of Trees 🌳 #1 Hot New Release, Amazon. A work of literary fiction and mysticism. 🎼Musician/Songwriter.
Check my IG link below to hear my music!
👀Preview/Purchase Book:
(Link in IG bio, below)
Metaphysical fiction.🪐Past lives, reincarnation, souls, trees, journals, dimensions, consciousness, art, memory, mysticism.
👉About the book:
📖“May you know the difference between what happened and what you dreamed.”

“The first thing to know about the dimension of trees is that each of us has a tree.”

A journal from a prior lifetime reveals secrets, raising as many questions as answers.

Join an intrepid journal writer and mysterious holder of cosmic knowledge, whose journal entries trigger metaphysical states of consciousness in visions, dreams and memories.

“There is a reason you remain in the grove, a reason for everything. Set from the beginning. There is one journey at the end. Remember.”

Destination: Beyond the doors of perception.
Offering literary and illustrated editions (with original 🎨🎨🖌🖌brush and digital artworks, by gifted artist Jenny Richter). Links in IG bio.

📪[email protected]

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