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Certified Family Nutrition Coach

“Love is wanting inner and overall peace for another.” ~ Coach Aiyana

Eat Your Best Life by improving your relationship ❤️ with food🍲.
Take control of your health (and by default, your weight management) by
💞 creating and maintaining impactful,
yet sustainable habits of healthy
💞 prioritizing your nutrition through
simplistic measures

Let’s get our children healthy through modeling our own healthy living!
Connect with me on IG or, here on CH!
I offer a complimentary Nutritional Potential call!

🍽 Certified Nutrition Coach
👧🏽 Brooklyn grown
📍CT based
🙏🏽 Believer
👩🏽‍🏫 Special Educator
📚Avid reader
👼🏽 Heavenly son
👧🏽 Powerful daughter


🎙 2 Healthy Chicks Podcast
(or, wherever you get your podcasts 😊)

Pronounced “eye-yahn-a”
As I grow my business while following this path to healthy living, I’m ignited to help others provide healthy lifestyles for their children, while finding healthier versions of themselves.

I am a certified health coach specializing in nutrition and healthy living for families and children. I work with families to resolve common (and not-so-common) health concerns by making simple shifts in nutrition, skincare, body care, exercise and other healthy living practices. Understanding how the quality of our food impacts our health is my passion!

I began my own journey into health after experiencing serious medical concerns with my young daughter. When I didn’t get the answers I needed, I began to research and discovered that our health is directly connected to the health of our gut; and that the quality (sourcing & manufacturing) of our foods has a direct impact on both our gut and overall health.


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