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Updated: Jun 10, 2021


🌱 LeaderShift 🌱
Join the SHIFT to what’s next.

Join in a deep dive connection with other beauty industry experts that have lived through many “S Curves”.

✂️ We enjoy giving back. Make a difference & elevate our industry. ✂️

Have a challenge? Someone out there’s ‘been there done that’. Through connection your answers live. Live through others experiences and gain knowledge to someday continue to share. Pass it on. Be contagious!!

Join us as we discuss shifting within our personal lives and our businesses.

Align with your purpose.
Keep your vision is clear.
Relationships have more meaning.

So how do we shift? Meet others where their at. Lifting each other up with purpose builds relationships and businesses that thrive.

If this speaks to you, join us for meaningful conversations as we thrive and vibe together, one room at a time.


#1 Own Your Words.

Use them respectfully.
🌱 Be Positively Contagious
🌱 Be Inspiring
🌱 Be a DayMaker
🌱 Be Kind
🌱 Be Aware
🌱 Be The Best Version of You

#2 Speaking on Stage

UN-MIC When you would like to speak and allow the one speaking to complete their thoughts and words.

#3 Connections are Powerful

Follow those taking the time to share GEM DROPS 💎

✳️ Follow Your Mods taking their time to bring you great content.

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