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Updated: Aug 16, 2022
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💛❤️Gual Mekelle💛❤️

There’s a genocide happening in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Please stand in solidarity with us to bring awareness to the urgent crisis in Tigray. 🖤

📰 It’s been over 600 days with millions in famine, hundreds of thousands have been massacred and thousands of innocent Tigrayan men, women and children have been illegally detained and living in forced concentration camps throughout Ethiopia. Millions have been forced to flee and living as refugees in Sudan. A massive siege has been implemented on the entire region of Tigray and the Ethiopian government will not let any humanitarian aide into Tigray. Tigray has no access to food, water, medicine, telecommunications service, electricity and banking service. The Ethiopian and Eritrean Governments is committing genocide in Tigray!

Ethiopia, Eritrea, UAE, Turkey, Russia and China are responsible for the Tigray Genocide!!

📣 Calls to Action:
1. Tweet::

2. Omnatigray.org standwithtigray.com

3. Donate To: https://charity.gofundme.com/donate/event/i-standwithtigray?lang=en-us

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