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Welcome to Dr. Finance’s newest invite-only club: The Best Mastermind Club—the best club on Clubhouse to learn about masterminding! 💰💰💰💰Learn more about the club founder, Dr. Anthony M. Criniti IV (aka Dr. Finance®), and subscribe to his free newsletter at DrFinance.Info. 👍 Follow Dr. Finance® and the club to become a club member. 🏦Our personal online club is for anyone who is interested in learning the top secrets about masterminding. Poor to rich—broke, millionaires, billionaires, and future trillionaires—entrepreneurs, biz executives, university finance students, gamblers, hustlers, managers, money makers, CEOs, and CFOs, champions of wealth—all are welcome! Topics include: accounting, books, business, capital, debt, diversification, economics, education, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, environment, estate planning, ethics, finance finance mantra, film finance, financial freedom, financial independence retire early (FIRE), financial literacy, financial planning, financial technology (fintech), health, investing, investments, leadership, macroeconomics, management, marketing, markets, microeconomics, Napoleon Hill, networking, personal finance, poverty, prosperity, real estate, retirement, risk, sales, Shark Tank, small businesses (under 1 million dollars), stocks, success, survival, survivalism, Think and Grow Rich, time value of money, wealth management, and an abundance of other mastermind topics. ————————————— ⚖️Disclaimer: This club is for informational purposes only. If financial, legal, or any other form of advice is needed, please consult with a financial advisor, an attorney, or another professional advice giving entity. ———————— Sip fancy (or house) coffee and/ or join Doctor Finance for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—listen and lounge.
Be Nice and Have Fun: Sometimes we can agree to disagree. But here everyone should agree to learning about finance in a pleasant environment while having fun. Also no profanity please. You never know if kids are listening.
You Agree to Disclaimers in Rules and the About Section: Disclaimer: The opinions and views expressed by anyone in this club do not necessarily represent the opinions or views of Dr. Finance® or his affiliates.
No Soliciting (Violators will be removed from the stage): Please do not sell any of your products or services on stage. This room is for informational purposes only. Also, please do not promote other clubs or rooms here (including via DM). Thank you.

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