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Updated: Apr 28, 2024


This Club is designed to provide strength for today and hope for tomorrow. We will learn and reacquaint ourselves with the “Language of a Survivor”! Our life’s journey is intentional because God planned it that way. Each Room in this Club will include practical discussions in areas, which have been “hushed, hushed” for so long.
Survive…Moving Forward.
Survivors…Standing Strong.
Survival…Never Gave Up.
Be Polite: Speak with a smile. Be sensitive. Do not be rude to others. Do not abruptly interrupt others. Do not use an elevated tone to stress a disagreeable point. Acknowledge & thank speakers who encouraged U.
No Profanity: Make your verbal presentations without the use of profanity, swearing, or any form of vulgarity. No name calling except the name identified for each person. No negative confrontations.
Be Courteous: Restrict the contents of your presentation to the subject matter. Be cognitive of the time when speaking. Be understanding when listening to others. Rules 1 through 3 apply to the “Chat” feature also.

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