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Updated: May 25, 2022


The Generative Futures Initiative is a collective of futurists, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, thought leaders and creatives, dedicated to the practice of envisioning, acting on, and bringing about a future for a thriving humanity. In other words, dedicated to the practice of Generative Futurism.

Humanity is facing existential threats on multiple fronts; climate change, weaponized AI, designer pathogens, CRISPR gene hacking and nuclear war. It is clear from these conditions that extinction is a real risk.

Unless we take action to redesign human culture and systems at all levels, we will end up where we are heading.

We are being confronted by the fragility of our global systems. We need to develop complex adaptive systems that self organize, self regulate, self heal.

Creating a new model requires the power of our ability to imagine – unconstrained by the limits of the past

It is such an imagined future that can free us to take new actions today that will disrupt the current trends. Our Purpose
Generating a Thriving Future for All.

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