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Updated: Jun 28, 2022


“Real Answers. No Spin”

Informal, peer conversations among B2B CEOs, CMOs, Growth Leaders and CROs on growth, demand gen, ABM, pipeline acceleration, messaging frameworks, omni channel nurture, experience design, measurement, analytics and more.

We have separate rooms for early stage startup CEOs and Founders to discuss messaging, category fit, customer traction, sales hiring, marketing tactics and more. Join us at any of these weekly Club sessions.

Quick Tip: Please fill out your CH profile re your B2B GTM role and interests so our moderators can invite you up on stage.

📈 Revenue Leaders Cafe - Intros, Q+A with Peers
🕐 Fridays, 1 PM PST
🎤 Peer conversations with fellow B2B CEOs, CMOs, Growth Leaders and CROs.

🏫 Early Stage Startups - Intros, Q+A w/GTM Advisors
🕐 Saturdays, 8 AM PST
🎤 Meet GTM advisors, mentors, and fellow early stage CEOs and founders. Ask questions at: http://bit.ly/gtm4b2b

We are seeking Moderators for rooms on:

a) Brand and Demand Messaging
b) Enterprise Data Foundation
c) Business Impact Analysis and Measurement
d) Channel and Partner Marketing
e) Regional AMA and Q+A Rooms - UK, EU, APAC, MENA, LATAM, ANZ

Interested? Drop us a note.

Find Mani on LinkedIn at:
CH: @iyermani

Find Greg on LinkedIn at:
CH: @kotovos

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We are a Safe Space for Everyone

From C-Level Leaders to those early in their careers, to early stage B2B startup founders, this is a safe space to share your questions and concerns, share and grow from our collective knowledge.

No Sales Pitches

Share what you know, get feedback on different topics and areas within GTM for B2B - marketing, sales, customer success. But let’s avoid self promotion or explicit pitches of products and services.

Honor member modes of contact requests.

Some members may prefer email - others via Twitter DM, yet others may prefer LinkedIn, or just live chat here on CH. Please be sensitive to each members mode of contact preference and let’s honor it.

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