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🎙 Intentionally speak about IT. Often. Beware, humans.
💾 Follow me, if you’re willing to get into the tech parties.

Making this account my own Wikipedia page:

📎 Entrepreneur, Designer, Programmer, SysAdmin, DevOps, Manager, Marketer, Toaster, Banana, Trophy, Tissues.
🎙 Creator of the «Sacred Clean IT Club».
🏀 Love basketball.
🚨 Opinions are my own. All of them. Even yours.

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SEO. Разработчик. Тестировщик. Рекрутёр. Руководитель компаний. Менеджер. СисАдмин. Part of IT Community. Russian IT. IT Russia. WorldWide IT. Relocation. Digital Nomad. Clubhouse IT. АйТи. IT. IT HR. IT HeadHunter. Программист. Hacker. Хакер. Developer. Dev. QA. QA Automation Testing. ООП. OOP. Patterns. SOLID. ACID. CAP. Functional Programming. Функциональное программирование. Лямбда исчисление. Исчислимость. Тест Тьюринга. Lambda Calculus. Computability. Turing Test. DevOps. Linux. Unix. MacOS. Windows. Frontend. Backend. Fullstack. PR. IT PR. HR. Tech. Technologies. SysAdmin. SaaS. System as a Service. Server. CS. Computer Science. Design. Marketing. Management. Figma. Photoshop. PS. Фриланс. Freelance. React. Angular. Nodejs. Flutter. Native. React Native. Java. JavaScript. PHP. Python 2. Python 3. Perl. Bash. Shell. POSIX. TypeScript. TS. JS. Golang. Go. Scala. Clojure. ClojureScript. Dart. Rust. C. C++. D. Haskell. Erlang. Elixir. Racket. Scheme. Lisp. Pascal. QBasic. Assembly. Containerd. Clouds. AWS. Systemd. OpenSource. AMD. Nvidia. Intel. M1. Apple. Google. Framework. Ionic. Apache Cordova. Apache. NGINX. Kotlin. Android. iOS. Nextjs. Vue. Vuejs. Gatsby. Jekyll. Hugo. Docusaurus. Sphinx. ElasticSearch. Docker. Kafka. MySQL. PostgreSQL. Cassandra. CouchDB. MSSQL. SQL. NoSQL. NoCode. HTML. CSS. Kubernetes. K8s. Microk8s. K3s. Virtualization. Hyper-V. VM. QEMU. Kvm. Bhyve. Sun. Solaris. VirtualBox. VMWare. Startups. Tech Startups. InfoSec. CyberSec. CTF. Capture the flag. Information Security. White hat. Black hat. 0day. 0-day. CTO. CEO. СЕО. СТО. Engineer. Engineering. Software. Microservices. Monolith. Soft. Софт. Coding. Code. IT Consulting. IT Talks. IT Work. Soft Skills. Hard Skills. Digital. Digital Transformation. Цифровая трансформация бизнеса.

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