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Updated: Jul 3, 2022
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Wtf happened to my bio? Clubhouse works?

Love Jazz, tasteful people who "give way" whether on the road or on clubhouse. Can't really seem to understand why some people and mods just don't have ENOUGH of that thing called a mike 🤬 get over your narcissistic high horse let others also speak!

Idealist. Believe in unicorns, world peace, prosperity, equality of and for all. Love women enough to champion a women dom(inated) political party

Good health needs good understanding of our bodies

Favorite quote by my sweetheart 17th Century Afro American writer "coast to coast LA to Chicago love for sale". Her name was errr yeah! Sade 😂

The Dr part is an honorary one by a cheapskate who goes around selling fake doctorates, he idiotically assumed giving me one for free will get him more clients. Trovaxo story? David Trovaxo founder of Pug Radio and other stuff is a dear friend and lent me his last name as a souvenir of our eternal friendship. My legal name is super long Syed Muhammad Imran Owais Kazmi SMIOK (pronounced 'cmeyok')

If you don't like me you're not the only one. Many would like to see me dead for my support to minorities, women and corruption free simplified governance all over the world (I lied, some would also like to kill me for my awesome humor and killa looks)

I consent to being recorded, accused, blamed and killed for all your woes, unless you decide to look in the mirror and see what you need to change to be a better you... The hardest part!

Omg you actually read this far? You must be mad! Now go read for more of the same 😛

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