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🚀BadApe.io NFT, CTO | bit.ly/BADAPE.NFT. BadApe Limited 🇬🇧

🚀Pentas.io Maximalist | Asia's Largest NFT Marketplace.

🚀Cryptocurrency Trader #JFRewards Club Director
- Providing training in investing and awareness in Cryptocurrency world.

💻Cybersecurity Principal Manager #ask4key
- More than 120k customers worldwide.
- Cyber security solutions focusing in Web Proxy, Endpoint Detection and Response, Anti Virus, Cloud Security, Network Hunting and Managed Security Services SOC+IR+Threat Hunting.

🔒Co-Founder Malaysia 🇲🇾Cyber Security Community #rawsec
- Empowering Cyber Security Enthusiast and local students in Cyber Security field.

✍️"Success never comes easy. Persistency that's all what it takes! الحمد لله" Allah first, Dunya later!

🗣"I love to empower and lead users in Clubhouse, I always believe empowering others changes lives"

💰"Nothing I say is Financial or Life advice. You with your own capacity and absolutely DYOR."

🇲🇾Malaysia Crypto Club🇲🇾
Supporter 🇲🇾Boring ke tu?
🇲🇾Clubhouse Competitions🇲🇾
rawSec 🇲🇾 Malaysia Cybersecurity Community
🌎Movie Addict Club🌎

Donation via Cryptocurrency for sponsorship or marketing:

#BTC: 16dNRf1a9n4RxXQLFZ3M6yW2AWvm5CTcRH



#BlockchainTechnology #CryptoMarhaen #bitcoin #stablecoins #ClubhouseCompetitions #rawSec #cybersecurity #PentasIo

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