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My speech at Maha Kavi Bharatis school on his 100 th centennial year - - 1 hour speech

Success Recipe | வெற்றி நமதே

Podcast (in English) :- Itsdiff leadership & career , Project Management podcasts Join Itsdiff Academy CH channel/ Chat Room .

Storytel Tamil Audio Books:-

Tamil stories as TamilAudioBooks


Public Speaker, Podcaster, Voice Actor, Project/ Program Management Professional, Mentor, Coach. Advisor -

20+ Years in Software Engineering, IT Consulting , Business Operations, Global Product launch, Compliance

- Founder Itsdiff Academy - educational, leadership and career guidance
- Founder Itsdiff non profit organization for webinars , seminars and career related programs
- Founder TamilAudioBooks , Tamil Story Times for story telling
- Advisor to startup companies - Technology
- Speaker on Project Management , Digital Transformation, Data Analytics , Compliance
- Served as Director for KZSU Stanford College Radio Station
- Producer and Talk Show Host for - Itsdiff Entertainment, Academy

- Creator of World first Ponniyin Selvan 77 hours Tamil audiobook in 2010-11.

Over 55 plus Tamil albums created to benefit ardent Tamil literary fans and differently abled people.

- Narrator for Audible English audiobooks, Amateur theater artist

Additional information:-

Links to Podcasting and YouTube channel TamilAudioBooks and Itsdiff Academy

Itsdiff Academy - Leadership, Career and mentoring Podcasts:

YouTube channel TamilAudioBooks-

Tamil stories as TamilAudioBooks

#DigitalTransformation #BusinessAnalytics #ProjectManagement
#HarvardBusinessAnalytics #HBAP
#Actor amateur theater enthusiast
#mimicry artist,
#TamilAudioBooks producer

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[email protected]

Invited by: Janaki Kowtha

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