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Speaker - Trainer - Coach.
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Business Growth Strategist.

Highly experienced live show host and interviewer on Facebook Live.

Live stage speaker event host and MC.

Happy to talk about hosting shows.

Available for speaking engagements online and in person.

Been in business since 1992. Trained with the finest brokerage in the UK, on a self employed commission only basis and built a client base on the back of cold calling and referrals.

Today I'm heavily involved in the personal development world. Was part of the team that brought Gary Vee to the UK for the first time. Have been the sales trainer to the Tony Robbins UPW team in London.

Was chairman of the Yes Group West Midlands, part of Yes Group Worldwide, the biggest and longest established personal development organisation. This was a non-profit organisation and it was my Give Back. We held monthly events around the UK and Europe where we invited some of the best speakers to share massive value, to make a difference, and create a culture of contribution.

I'm a Communications expert.
Speaker trainer.

Confidence Mastery

Creating powerful speakers from novice to experienced speakers.

Coached thousands of people to get over the fear of public speaking.
Enabled hundreds to get on stage to share their story

The art of negotiation and influence.

Using the power of speaking influence to demonstrate your expertise.

Master Sales Trainer
Sales mindset.
Asking the right questions.
Mitigating objections.
Closing without pressure.
Understanding the client journey.
Creating a win/win situation.
Selling face to face.
Selling over the phone.
Building lifelong client relationships.
Getting referrals and recommendations into your pipeline.

Facebook Live Broadcasting Trainer.

Have built my business organically through Facebook Live video broadcasting.
I'm the only person I know who teaches people how to...

Leverage The Power of Facebook Live to Grow Your Business, Brand, and Profile.

Qualified Appointment setting and organic lead generation agency services.
Do want your diary filled with an extra 10 to 20 qualified leads a month that are in the market for your services? We work mainly with business and marketing coaches. Just get in touch to arrange a call to discuss.

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Email :
[email protected]

Invited by: Margo Ochoa

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