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I am an Intentional Transformation Guide

I guide people through spiritual principles and practical strategies to create a new consciousness around life, mindset, prosperity and Money, emotional healing, and living with purpose

finding the feminine inner healing and manifesting principles balanced with the masculine energy of strategic processes and practical action plans for life mastery

Every day I help people:

💰Create a realistic budget and take control of their spending

💰Increase income to build their financial dreams

💰Eliminate the Noose of Debt freeing their income to create life on their own terms

💰Change Your Relationship with Money to bring balance and inner peace

💰Create Prosperity Mindfulness to bring the power of Intention to your life

💰Build a Legacy of Abundance for yourself and your family

💰Align Your Lifestyle with Divine Intentions so you can live the life you were meant to

Hit me up in Backchat for a conversation about how to transform your financial future

I Broke FREE from the noose of Debt in 2018, and now help others create Prosperity and Financial Independence

Scorpio ♏ 🌞
Scorpio ♏ 🌅
Aries. ♈🌔
INTP - Logician

Master of strategic planning

Always a Student here to learn and expand my own consciousness.

Sometimes a teacher sharing my experience with Spiritual Growth and Soul alignment.

Studying alignment with Universal Laws and Hermetic Principles, and integrating them into the Intentional Prosperity Journey


I've been an online content creator since 2008, creating blogs, podcasts, videos, and digital media for myself and as freelancer for others.

Special Needs Parenting Advocate
Father of Special Needs Daughter
Holoprosencephaly awareness
Cerebral Palsy Awareness
ADHD Adult, spouse and child

Check out my YouTube Channel :

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