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Updated: Jun 27, 2022
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I’m here to connect with high performers from all industries.

About me: I’m a messaging expert. 💰 Lover of copy, content, and words that induce sales. I’m the secret weapon that’ll take your words from pretty good to amazing with the revenue to match.

I’ve been generating sales via social since 2008.

A couple of things I love discussing are:
👉🏽Marketing with integrity (pain points are dead)
👉🏽Designing your ideal life and impact (as a parent, without sacrificing mental health, etc)
👉🏽Leak proof lead-generation
👉🏽Revenue growth via social media (cross-platform strategies, repurposing, etc)
👉🏽Working with your spouse (and undoing patriarchal conditioning)
👉🏽Work-life “balance” in 2022 and beyond (and what it looks like with neurodiversity)
👉🏽Building a business with integrity (not using humans as waste products of capitalism)

💢Lead generation
💢Brand differentiation
💢Content Strategy
💢Acting (method- Adler + Hagen, improv- Second City)
💢Parenting (just kidding, not an expert, but we homeschool our 4 kids, so it’s a substantial point of interest)

🌟 [she/hers] Married to my co-founder/COO/husband in Phoenix, AZ, USA. We originally met as actors in Hollywood and live for challenges, adventures, and fun (think: OCR’s, #75Hard, and traveling with little kids).

👀 My one word pitch: amplification.
📍 Phoenix, AZ

Invited by: Jonathan Schlossberg

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