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🤑 How can I help you? Questions on Money ? Life ? Business ? Finance? Producer Host and creator of Money Mentor. Host of the Think and Grow Rich Club - and Money Mentor App where we discuss the gems of Think and Grow Rich- focus on financial literacy, answering questions about wealth, entertainment, business building, mindset and change management. By professional coaches. Download here.. visit to join the community

🌱Fertile Soil Mindset Club - preparing the mind for Success 🌿🪴 for exercises that are support the process of change. Hosted by certified and licensed NLP and hypnotherapists. (free meditation 🧘‍♀️ giveaway) to help your mindset.

TV and Radio Host 📺
looking to highlight talent - and create media to highlight your business. I teach money, wealth and money mindset for a living full time. Also past sponsor of the movie Think and Grow Rich.

For a free viewing of the Think and Grow Rich 🤑 Movie 🎥 Please visit 🎥and accept a gift from me.

IG: coachmeacademy
lG: MoneymentorCompany

Text “MoneyMentor” to 55444

Sarah Lee is a successful host, moderator, friend, mentor and serial entrepreneur.
She is a CEO and best selling author on Money and Success Mindset.

As Chairman/CEO of Coach Me Academy, Owner of Several Online Brands, and current official promoter of Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy, with John Shin, Bob Proctor, Lewis Howes, Grant Cardone,

Sarah helps other executives and entrepreneurs define their business purpose and goals and build and control their financial future and create the life of their financial dreams.

Proud to be formally recognized by the President of the United States for her work teaching children media skills.

A current philanthropic partner & former VC : Sarah focuses some of her time, on her money education brand called “Money Mentor”. Money Mentor is focused building up others while making financial and business planning education -easy, accessible and fun with a feminine perspective.

A complimentary showing of Think and Grow Rich Legacy the movie ( free at ). Sarah’s long time business partner, John Shin, is the Executive Producer of the TGR film - monthly complimentary showings are sponsored by Coach Me Media, Money Mentor and Financial Cake Brand with Sarah Lee.

Invited by: Brandon Torraco

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