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Adopted Son of the King ✝️
I am a Huband & Father 👑
Jeremiah 20:9

I am a peacemaker... Not a peacekeeper. Do you even know the difference?

Ladder of Priorities:
1. You and God (Are you in an intimate love relationship with God?)
2. You and You (Do you love yourself and believe you are worthy to be loved?)
3. You and your spouse (if married)
4. You and your children (if you're a parent)
5. You and your business/profession/calling

I help you identify, come into alignment and go to market with your gifts. 🔥

Interested in a discovery call? Strategy session for a new business? Need to get unstuck? Connect with me via Ig dm!

I have helped many business owners and sales people finally stop messing around with distractions and focus on the value they were uniquely gifted with to deliver to the world.

I mentor and provide accountability for the people who are serious about living out their calling and changing their lives

What my clients say about me:
👊👊Brings the Clarity!
❤️❤️Sparked my supernatural faith in myself
🔦🔦Helped me see my blind spots
🪞🪞He Keeps it REAL

If you're going to pitch me on something:
what do you got?
what's in it for me?
What value do you need from me?

Happily Married with 3 beautiful daughters.

🏃Maffetone/Zone 2 Marathon Runner working my way up to an Ultra and Tris.

🥩Carnivore / Keto/Low Carb Lifestyle
🍗 I Love Korean BBQ and any meat cooked over a flame!

Philadelphia 4-4 #trusttheprocess

#organicchurch #ekklesia #discipleship

Invited by: Gary Russel

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