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Updated: May 19, 2022
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3:00 PM - 5:00 PM EASTERN

*The First and ONLY Nationally Syndicated Broadcast Show Devoted Entirely to Web3!*
👇Clubhouse Host👇
🏡 The Sal DiGuardia Experience 🏡
🏡 VeeFriends Community Club 🏡

Media Personality | Emcee | Event Host | NFT Project Coach | Producer

🎤Emcee and Mod at Miami NFT Week 2022 | Emcee and Speaker at SDNFTCon🎤

🗣 Ask Me About:
NFTs / Metaverse / web3
Audio Branding / Audio Imaging
Coaching / Building Community /
Music / Podcast Production /

DM “NFTAZ” for an invite to our local meetup!

🎙RebuildingMe Podcast🎙

***Linktree in IG and Twitter profiles***

🏡VeeFriends Community Club🏡
“VeeFriends Morning Brew” ==> Weekdays @ 6a PST / 9a EST

I can help you with:
Host / Emcee your event in web2, web3, or IRL.
Media Production and NFT Project Consulting / Marketing, Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Voice Overs & Commercial Audio Production.

During my time in Christian Radio I helped break bands like Switchfoot and P.O.D. and Katy Perry before she was Katy Perry.

In Top 40 radio I was blessed to continue bolster the careers of Natasha Beddingfield and Paul Van Dyke and others.

When Madonna needed a radio edit for her hit song “Hung Up”, Warner Bros. tapped me to produce it.

Recently I’ve helped launch 2 successful podcasts and produced music for a handful of artists including new artist CLO for her “Blackout” Remixes album and @Franc_Grimes with his remake of the all-time biggest dance record “Poison”.

I know what’s it’s like to lose everything.

I learned how to navigate life after a high-conflict divorce and being estranged from my children.

I’ve been RebuildingMe for over a decade.

Ask me anything. I’m happy to provide any value I can!

VeeFriends GOO Owner 🐯 Tremendous Tiger
Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host
Music Producer 💿
Voice Over Artist 🎙
Entertainer 🕺🏻
Keynote Speaker | ToastMaster 🗣🎤

VeeFriends 💚
Discord Handle: SalDiGuardia

Surprise, Arizona 📍
(Phoenix Metro)
Originally from Strong Island!!!


Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, and I are best friends they just don’t know it yet.

NFTs (VeeFriends, Janky Heist, Sandbox LAND, Illuminati, Paradise Trippies, NFDaddys, Twisted Tree Frog Massive, Arabian Camels, VectorBots, WolfPackNFT - clearly I have issues)
Looking for opportunities to be of service. 🤗

Invited by: Davis Dailey

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