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I connect families with their 'Support Heroes.'🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

I help Special Needs Parents and Caregivers get the Support they Need from the People they Trust.

Founder of
A needs centric and realtime mobile app that helps special needs families build their support community in 3 simple steps...
1. CREATE a profile for the individual who needs care.
2. CUSTOMISE your homepage.
3. CONNECT with friends and family by inviting them to be part of your support network.📱

I'm here to learn, grow, network, and maybe meet my future Co-founder and Investors who share the same passion for helping Special Needs Families as I do.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I have over 25 years experience advocating for children with special needs.
I’m passionate about bridging the gap between cultures to make the world more inclusive.🌍

I have used educational expertise to be a catalyst for change in attitudes and acceptance for children with special needs, heres how👇🏻

🚸- I founded the Special Children's Educational Institute Trust (SCEI) providing Special Education, Vocational Training and Advocacy in Pakistan across all economic sectors.

👥-I created the CUDDLE Project to
Understanding of
Disabilities through
A one hour workshop that will change the way you see disability.

📖 Author of
‘Unless We Speak'
A collection of poems that narrate the stories of women in patriarchal societies.
‘The Stumbling Seeker’
A Collection of Poems that will take you on a spiritual journey towards Enlightenment.
These poems can be your companion, your comfort, and your conscience.
Many of us never learn to walk without stumbling yet we get back up. The same can be true of our faith and spirituality.
​​​​​​​Love yourself throughout your journey of loving the Divine.
Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

-Presenter at TESOL International Conferences in US, Nepal and Pakistan.

-Memeber Boars of Trustees
Karachi American School 2008 - 2011

Please give us a follow on Instagram and DM us if you or someone you love has a special needs child and would like to be part of our BETA.

My work has been
Featured on...
⚡DAWN News
⚡ARY News
⚡Voice of America
⚡BBC Urdu

Executive Producer on a observational documentary called Chamak Patti 🎬

Rotary Charter Member
Paul Harris Fellow

Visit my linktree to collaborate, connect and serve the world together.

Invited by: Lauren Volper

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