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Commercial Casting Director/Studio Owner/Commercial Classes

Please take a look at our work. We think it speaks for itself:

I’ve been casting commercials since 1996 and have been responsible for casting seminal spots and launching unforgettable campaigns. We have cast over 4,000 commercials. Have won Clios, Cannes Lions, and have been featured in the pages and on the cover of Adweek and The Los Angeles Times for our work. Spokespeople…yeah, we found Flo AND Dr. Rick for Progessive to name a couple!

Taking part in the creative process and bringing clients’ concepts to life is our passion. Specializing in comedy, dialogue, beauty, and kids, we also cover everything from Spanish language and voiceover to real people.

From highly distinguished and award-winning directors to edgy indie and music video directors, we have an impressive list of clients who seek us out for our attention to detail, ability to anticipate needs, and endless passion for finding the perfect talent for each spot. We really do love what we do. And we love actors!

We recently teamed with Alyson Horn at AHC to provide classes designed by actual casting directors, not outsiders giving opinions on the process. We both started as actors in the business and then discovered casting as our creative outlet. We know the business inside and out and firmly believe that actors are as important to us and we are to them. Selfishly, we want everyone who auditions for us to nail it because it makes us look better! 😊

Invited by: Joseph Pearlman

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