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Updated: Oct 30, 2022
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💰options trader/stock investor
🔈audiophile into music, turntables, tubes and tape
🚀Bitcoin believer (Class of 2017)

🎻Join us at Audiophile Café here on Clubhouse on Wednesdays and Sundays at 6:00 pm Pacific Time/9:00 pm East Coast Time/02:00 London Time to discuss music, new releases, vinyl, tape, digital, audio and recording!

🎹To focus on the best in high-end audio please join, the world's most respected high-end audio and music forum! I will introduce you there! Please also subscribe to our YouTube channel, What’s Best Forum, to watch What’s Hot on What’s Best.

🎷Senior Contributing Reviewer of Mono and Stereo, an on-line audiophile components review magazine

📊Co-founder of CounselWorks, a hedge fund and private equity business strategy and regulatory consulting firm

📈Former Managing Partner of Highbridge Capital Management, a global multi-strategy hedge fund management company

📍Beverly Hills, California

Invited by: Tinka Weener

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