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CEO, Retirement Systems -
RIA, Registered Investment Advisory- A licensed and regulated financial services firm responsible for Fiduciary Wealth Management.
We manage your money, professionally. Millions of dollars Assets Under Management.
My team = investment advisor representatives, CPAs, CFAs, CFPs, JDs and other experts with the highest designations in the world. 🏆
✅ Recognized as A Top Clubhouse Moderator in Finance and Investing. Stocks, options, etc.
Let’s fast forward you 10-30 years. 🧠📈📊

📶 Elite Experience: CME Group (Hedge Fund division, $1 quadrillion of Options and Futures yearly) Chicago Board of Trade, Grant Thornton (Valuations in Mergers and Acquisitions) CVC (largest deal was $30 billion, 1 of many), Aon, and more 💰.

Finance is what I’ve done every day since my teenage years, I’m 28 now, my decade of expertise includes Stocks, options, diversification, valuations, technicals, private equity, venture cap etc all things finance. I want to empower you with financial knowledge.
Let’s chat, knowledge=power 📚💪🏼👑
Message me for a 1 on 1 DM me on Instagram @richardcorral or my link is below.
People usually find what I say valuable 🤓🧐

🙏🏼 I’m first generation, my parents are 🇲🇽 Mexican immigrants who came in their 20s with little money, no English, no connections, and faced discrimination, yet they persevered, sacrificed, succeeded and raised me well. Glory to God. Making them proud by empowering you.
🎓 DePaul University Graduate - Finance major with Cum Laude honors distinction.
I want to make the world a better place 🌎🌍🌏
Tell me your story/if you're in a union/large network/if you want to partner.

🏙 Also CEO, Owner of RC Building -(Developer and construction company of residential and commercial real estate, El Patron (boutique Mexican restaurant), and C-Building (next generation sustainable construction materials- 💹

The company and individual accepts no liability for any form of communication or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. It is important that you do not use any communication to request, authorize or effect the purchase or sale of any security, to send fund transfer instructions, or to effect any other transactions. Any such request, orders, or instructions that you send will not be accepted and will not be processed.


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