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گویند رمز عشق مگویید و مشنوید
مشکل حکایتی است که تقریر می کنند
زندانی سیاسی دهه شصت که در حال حاضر ساکن امریکا هستم و بیشتر از سه دهه است که سیاست ایران مشغله فکری و روزانه زندگی من است.
بخشی از نوشته های سالهای گذشته ام را در وب سایت زیر
می توانید ملاحظه کنید.
آرشیو‌نوشته های اخیر نیز در سایت اخبار روز در دسترس است.

I am a political analyst and activist. My history of activism goes back to my youth when I joined a radical leftist group before the 1979 revolution in Iran. Although my views changed to moderate left, I was arrested after the revolution on 1982. Initially, I was sentenced to death for my political activities and my leftist views. After spending 2 years in death row, my sentence was commuted to 20 years of imprisonment. I was released at the end of Iran-Iraq war after having spent 6 years of my life in Vakil-Abad prison in Mashhad. Consequently, I escaped the country and immigrated to the United State where I have been actively involved in Iranian politics for the past 3 decades. I was one of the founders and an active member of the Unity for a Secular and Republic Iran, Etehaade Jomhourikhahan Iran, a political organization in exile. I have published tens of articles about Iranian politics and human rights.
I graduated from university of California at Berkeley as an Electrical Engineer.

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