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Well. I did have something super impressive right here, but I said fuck that. Original founding member of the courgette lovers.

My name is Rachel. I’m a mama to 4 kids, I cuss a lot. I’m married to a very successful businessman (so he says) and we like to drink cocktails. And I can do a handstand on a mountain top...when canva allows me too anyway. I am reels obsessed and can turn any trending real into a real estate reel.

I get 1 million views a month on my insta page with only 17,000 followers. Ask me how.

I have a 3 figure business. BOOM 🤯

I do custom digital marketing templates, social media helper, lead gen with social media and social media farming for real estate agents. If you want to put in the work, I got you babe. If you want to use a huge corporation, good on you boo. I’m not for everyone, but there is definitely not anyone like me. I am a 1 on 1 type help and you will have my undivided attention.

Ask me about my realtor affiliate program!-slide into those DMs! It’s a win win!

I look forward to getting to know people here and making amazing connections! Feel free to reach out in a DM I’d love to collaborate or chit chat.

Ask me about my 30 day boost challenge to help realtors boost their page and engagement. Join in...if you think you can hang that is👏🏼😂 shoot me a DM on insta to join!

Join my TrueFanz to get ALL my social media secrets for real estate pros! Launching June 1!



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