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★ Networker Of The Year★

I operate more than 200 WhatsApp groups to facilitate virtual networking. All clubhousers are invited to all😎 To see a menu of my groups, click the 'WhatsApp' button on my website and ping me a message there:


Most people do not enjoy networking, or simply do not have the time. If you are one of them, I can network for you. Once I have a better understanding of who your dream client is, I will tenaciously seek them out for you and organize a three-way meeting in which I will break the ice and make the introduction.🤝

Over the years, I have amassed an enormous network of amazing people doing extraordinary things globally.🌏 Connecting people is in my DNA. And if I can't help you find the person you want, chances are good that I know someone that can!💪

I have recently been invited to give a TEDx talk called ‘Two Billion Reasons To Use WhatsApp For Networking’. Only one in five Americans use WhatsApp. I’m on a mission to make that one in four! 😎

I spent most of my career in telecoms and was first-to-market with mobile ringtones and logos which went on to become a multi-million-dollar business in its own right. I also launched the world’s first celebrity chatline service.

• Virtual Power-Networking™
• Facilitation
• Making Introductions
• Globalization
• M&A Broker
• Public Relations
• Negotiation
• Viral Marketing
• Global Strategist
• Cruises
• Luxury Trains
• Retreats

Invited by: Sparkie George

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