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🔘Entrepreneur 🟠 Chef 🔵 Artist 🟢 Composer 🔘

Operate connected ventures in tech, food and art.

🔘I am an expert business strategist advising CEOs of Fortune 50 companies and VC backed startups. My tech company - 3Silver - uses base3 logic to generate disruptive business strategies. The product - DREAM - is deployed as custom engagements and black label models for the cannabis, NFT and psychedelics markets.

🟠I am a passionate chef who combines technical mastery and global expertise with Cuban soul to create complete sensory pleasure experiences. 3Saffron - is a luxury cannabis foods brand that includes an invite only club, large scale cannabis special events capability and line of branded gourmet THC infused sauces sold at dispensaries.

🔵I combine advanced expertise in 3D modeling and animation (Cinema4D/After Effects/Element3D) with original music compositions to create digital art collections. 3Sapphire - is the platform for commercializing and distributing the work via a new fine art business model enabled by NFTs.

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◽️ Made National Director at the flagship agency of a huge ad holding company at 22. Ran a 3M dot com practice and led a team of seven MBAs.

◽️Started my first company - a strategy and design agency - and scaled to seven figures in six months. Operated on cash with no outside investmemt and a team of 60. Sold at with upside at 26.

◽️ Spent years as a hired gun for agencies and consultancies. Operated practices and strategic services groups that controlled new business development. Won business against up to eight world class competitors on a single pitch. Advised at the CEO level for companies including Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Medicis and P&G.

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NYC native and NYU graduate. Train in Krav Maga; party like a rock star; indulge in exteme experiences.


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