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EVERYONE wants to be seen, heard, and felt (understood). I help make that happen with incredible Theme Songs. Look them up or ask around 😉

I mainly let my music do all the talking… even on here🎶


Still on a mission to change the others in the room name.

Over 2 mil plays of my music with collaboration with other content creators.

Have created many theme songs for some public figures… you can get closer to them with your own with my brand.

Even created a clubhouse inspired theme song compilation on SoundCloud “Clubhouse Rules Broken”

Uplifting others is a personal ambition. I do this with all of my talents

Be nice, genuine, and supportive beyond yourself… follow me and you MIGHT get a theme song

Finished one or two for Rose Rosen CSA!!!! Best friends don’t have limits 😂

It was an honor to make one for Evette Vargas, the Icon!

So Many More coming up!

An album to bless others in more than one way

Oh Yeah Beats - Thoughts Provoked in a Wonder (7/8/2021) just look for a pink teddy bear. Proceeds for children. (IDRA.org)

ALSO… I CONTINUE to create personalized music compositions to uplift and represent amazing people and their amazing brands.

June 18 2021 New Single entitled “FLY” by *Oh Yeah* on all streaming platforms!!!!

“Oh Yeah Beats” Play that Back album re-release on June 18 2021 also

Other albums/Projects:

Oh Yeah - ELEVATE written and produced to uplift someone dealing with bullying (Out Now)

ASCAP Singer, Songwriter, Music Producer, and Sound Engineer of mainly but not limited to Pop, Hip Hop, Alternative, R&B,Rap, Trap Soul, I am also a registered publisher with my companies. Certified Mechanic, and HUMANITARIAN (Each One Teach One)

My go-to DAW is Presonus Studio One. I’m different

All Inquiries please send to [email protected]

YouTubes with only my music
“SpectechularGadgets” wife’s channel

Other IG “@OhYeahtheartist”

Tiktok “ohyeahbeats”


PSA: This app is like a business and we are all COWORKERS so please check the ego before entering or hosting any room.

Countless Communities! 🏁🇩🇴🇨🇦🇮🇹🇲🇽🇦🇫🇯🇲🇦🇷🇵🇭🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸+🌎

Invited by: Latreka Christian

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