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Helping people START OVER WITH GOD a guide to #spirituality the safe way. Click the link ⬇️

⭐️ Leading Aquarian Mind

⭐️Impacting Spiritual Audiences as large as 95k

⭐️On a mission to lead people safely into this new spiritual future while providing them with answers to the questions of the past

⭐️I didn’t have a voice when I was younger, now that I do; I speak for those who have no voice.

Vayne Thomas
Transformative Spiritual Teacher of the Occult
Lineage Based Initiate
Trained Public Speaker
Authentic Tantra Practitioner & Yogi
Relationship Coach

Vayne Thomas is leading the way in facilitating a healthy transition from Religion into Spirituality. The goal is to provide a higher esoteric level of teaching that will allow people to get a better understanding of spiritual principles. A better understanding will enable people to affectively apply proven and time tested techniques to their daily lives.

Helping people START OVER WITH GOD a guide to #spirituality the safe way. Click the link ⬇️

Author of:
Someone’s Looking For Your Voice and Creativity.

From Monster to Man

Celestial Currency: The Power To Get Wealth

Course Facilitator of:
Elemental Meditation: A Gateway to Tantra

Fairytale Love Forever
A Course Helping couples and individuals cultivate connection, honor and pleasure. In/out of the bedroom.

Graduate of the Only Accredited Authentic Tantra Institute worldwide.

Invited by: B Sydell McNair

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